Color change in animals

First attempt at making science education video that includes science, data from actual experiment and instructions to perform the experiment as one package. This work was done in the cytoskeleton lab at inStem, Bangalore.

It was a learning exercise in animation, video making, and content generation.

Gulmohar Story

First sci-art project done for a Coursera Image Making course. I used a combination of photography and painting to depict Gulmohar in spring and summer.

Molecular Science stories

In this personal project, I depict aspects of cellular and molecular biology.


Natural History Stories

In this personal project, I depict life forms on earth.


Science stories and related work

In these projects, I summarize a scientific paper/concept into an illustration or a story or an infographic for the client.


Flora of NCBS

In this commisioned project, I documented the diverse flora of NCBS campus using vector art.



Sciwri is the science communication arm of PhD Career Support Group. I was a regular contributor to Sciwri as a writer and an illustrator. I guest illustrate for them now. My work has also featured on their Instagram Blog The Sciencetimes.


Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS) 2017

SCCS is an annual national conference hosted by Ecological Science students from Bangalore. I illustrated and designed collaterals, including diaries, T-shirts, banners, tags for them. I hand-drew line sketches of seeds, flowers, leaves, fruits and other plant parts for the artwork.



This sci-art blog is a part of cytoskeleton lab website, where I currently work as a post-doctoral fellow. Most of the work is inspired by the work done in the laboratory or the subject.



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