Working at intersections of science, communities, and art

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PC: Lam Duc Hien

I create joyous and beautiful things that tell stories of science. I believe in empowering the audience with questions than with answers.

with first copy of the book
Feedback session at workshop, IISER Pune

I am a scientist-turned-science communicator. Trained as a biologist, I am interested in cellular and molecular processes, the process of science, and the interaction of science and society. I translate these ideas and inquiries through independent work or collaborations with other scientists and artists. I make books, zines, images, and stories about science and its processes to different audiences. I teach science students and scientists to share their science. I try to bring public participation in the process of science through various exhibitions and engagements. I also work with design students on courses that confluence at the intersection of science, society, and engagement.