Art Displays

Open House 89

Organised by a group of artists and designers working in North Bengaluru, to showcase their work with local and city-wide audiences. Read about all artists here.

A silent lament

A mourning altar for the life forms that are lost, unnoticed, unrealized. The phylogenetic distance makes some not understood, forgettable, and forgotten. Can the course of conversation be inclusive?

The living kingdom is made of many from tigers, elephants, and peacocks to tiny lush mosses, greening grass, and floating cyclops. While thinking of climate change and extinction, we think only of the big and visible and not the others. This set of portraits of different lifeforms reminds us of what we have lost and an opportunity to grieve them.

Data on lost species was taken from IUCN.
Finger painted using coarse charcoal on watercolor paper.

Graphite sketches of lost species at Open House 89
Graphite sketches of lost species at Open House 89
Audience at Open House 89
Tool for painting
Audience looking at Silent lament at Open House 89
Work in progress sketches

A twist in time

The beginning of our time is the end for another. We extend their existence through the restoration of ashes and stones. Is what we understand the same as what we imagine?

Through the story of flight and feathers, across dinosaursĀ and birds, one questions how we produce knowledge of a time that precedesĀ us. The interpretation of the present relies on the past, and that of the past relies on the present. The connection is visualized through the form of the Mobius strip. One could potentially 'read' this at any starting point, from any direction.

This work is a transmutation of a zine previously made. See here.
Made in white clay with Nandita Saha.

Clay sculpture at Open House 89
Ipsa taking audience through the work
Ipsa carving clay mobious strip
WIP sculpture
Nandita prepping clay

A lit-up book

Early explorations in bookmaking with light and shadow play.

The drawings are inspired by the anatomy of the ear and associated nerves and brain regions.

Zine displays

In an attempt to bring science directly to the public, I bring science communication zines to Indie Comix Fest in Bangalore. Besides presenting at book shops, conferences, and other events, comix fest is unique as it brings a broader city as an audience. This allows for direct interaction and feedback from the audience.

Zine display at Indie Comix fest
Zine display at Indie Comix fest
ZIne display at ISF 2023
Poster and Zine display at IISER Mohali
Poster and Zine display at IISER Mohali
Audience engaging with zine display at TIFR Hyd
Audience engaging with zine display at TIFR Hyd
Zine Display at Open House March 2024
audience with zines at Bodies at Sea talk
Zine display at IISER Pune
Zine display at IISER Pune
Zine and Postcard display at JNCASR
Zine display at Open House 89