Workshops and Talks (and interviews)


Sharing what I have learned by doing or from others has always been a way to build a stronger visual science communicators community and engaging with different publics.

Science visualization workshops

Through invites, I have delivered workshops, in-person and online, on preparing illustrations, infographics, posters for science communication, using graphic design basics, developing graphical abstracts, developing diagrams for textbooks, and more. Notable mentions include IISER Pune, IISER Kolkata, inStem, University of Delhi, CCMB Hyderabad and SciRio. During the pandemic, I also ran a course of online discussions around how to think about visuals in science.

workshop participants at infrographics workshop at inStem 2023
Infographics workshop at TIFR Hyd
Observation drawing at Science illustration workshop at IISER Pune
Online session on images in science
Online session on images in science

Zine making workshops

Zines are culturally about sharing, so to share how to make a zine is a part of my zine-making practice. In various spaces, public and gated, with science students and young students and the public, I have shared love for zines and making zines.

In a fun science communication project, I collaborate with scientists and have the participants make zines based on a talk/ conversation with scientists. This allows the participants to engage with the ideas and assimilate and critique it better.

In another public engagement project, I collaborated with clinicians and patients suffering from biploar disorder to help audience discover misconceptions around the disorder.

Zine workshop at ISF 2023, Un-labing Science
Student made zines on Objectivity of Science
Zine workhop with non-science audience at BCC 2022
Participant zine at Maker Fair Hyderabad
Zine display and particpants at workshop at TIFR, Hyderabad
Audience engaging with zine display at TIFR Hyd

Misc. Workshops

How to be a scientist 

In a workshop conducted at CCMB, with Somdatta and Tejah, we explored how drawing may help young scientists ask relevant questions. Read more at Drawing and science.

Electric Zines

In this workshop with Sofy, we explored carbon-based conductive paints to make stories and images on zines.

Storybook making workshop 

In this workshop with Somdatta Karak, at CCMB Hyderabad, we collectively worked to discuss what would a STEM book look like, when made by scientists.

participant drawing imagining 3D form based on 2D data
Sofy and particpants sharing carbon paint circuit zines at IISc

Engagement with young people

Sometimes, I develop and design workshops and engagements for young people to get them curious about science.

In an online workshop with VITM Bangalore, I conducted a session around dinosaurs where we imagined their screams, painted dinosaurs and shared stories about them.

In another workshop, we made collages of colorful animals and discussed where the colors come from in animal skin.

Ipsa and participants at BIC workshop 2022


I have enjoyed the privilege of sharing my journey and sharing tips on beginning and advancing a career in science communication and science illustration at multiple outlets. 

At the City Scripts festival hosted by IIHS, Bangalore, I participated in a panel conversation In this conversation with fellow science communicators, I advocated for conversations on science, and the performance of science in public spaces, instead of inviting the public to otherwise gated spaces like institutions.

At TEDx event at NIT, Allahabad, I shared ideas around drawing in science based review and my own practice. Watch here.

At ASET forum bt TIFR Mumbai, I elaborate more on how drawing has had a relationship with sicence. Watch here.

At a festival at NGMA Bangalore, I shared how drawing of a cell can change what we understand, what we remember and what we ask of it. Glimpse here.

Some interviews and reports here:


In a formal mentorship opportunity, I worked with two aspiring sci-communicators from IISER Pune, Harsh Rathod and Vidisha Hate. They explored what people on their campus thought of, and worked for dog-human conflict. You can locate their work here. I mainly worked with them to build their narrative and nudged them to an iterative scripting process.


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Online session on images in science

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Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed, convallis at tellus. Praesent sapien massa, convallis a pellentesque nec, egestas non nisi. Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit Cras ultricies ligula sed magna dictum porta.

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