Skill building

I have developed several workshops and courses. I am open to contributions and adaptations to this along with different collaborators. I have learned as much from interactions as much I hopefully delivered. If you would like to learn with me, get in touch.


Art of seeing and observing

In this course, we explored how we understand the size, scale, time, force, motion in science illustrations. What are the tools and techniques that allow us to decipher these clues using notations, texts, and other visual elements? With this in mind, we explored image-making, video making, and stop motion animation of (scientific) processes. The interactions involved discussion, the critique of existing examples, and creating our own.

Sciviz Online sessions

In small groups of seven, we discuss what kind of images exist in the scientific realm. We discuss What choices are made by the maker, on content, context, style, aesthetics how do these choices define the interaction and interpretation by the reader. We discuss the hierarchy of information, interaction with the text, the transformation of information from data to images, and vice versa.

Online session on images in science

Science illustration

In this workshop we explore what makes a science illustration successful and attempt to make one ourselves. We discuss how content and style is tailored to the audience.

Drawing as a tool in inquiry

In this workshop, we use drawing as way of making observations, documenting and inquiring and making inferences and hypothesis.

ncbs 1

Graphic design for scientists

In this workshop, we discuss the basics of graphic design that allow scientists to build better graphical abstracts and models.

Zine making

In this workshop, we explore how to tell stories of science in a zine using limited resources.

Science Visualization workshop at Hindu College

Visuals in science communication

In this workshop, we explore how to visuals to talk about a scientific specimen or phenomenon for a wider audience.

Workshops for children

In these workshops, we enjoy and draw what we remember/ discuss about a science concept. We juxtapose images create science fiction images and build stories around them.



My favorite topics apart from the workshops listed include drawing in cell biology and drawing as a tool in scientific inquiry.



I am happy to hop over to interact, discuss, display and sell my work at conferences, exhibitions and other suitable gatherings.