Diagrams and Schematics for open access biology textbook

I collaborated with biology teachers, Divya Uma, Jayanti Mukherjee, Kaustubh Rau, Sriram, and Sravanti Uppaluri at Azim Premji University to make an e-text book. I contributed illustrations on various chapters in this open source online ‘textbook’ called iThinkBio. For this book, I chose to work in a style that felt friendly through the use of broad brushes to make illustrations. The idea was that the students should not feel the rigidity that they experienced in other science textbook diagrams.

Phylogenetic tree
Phylogenetic tree
Divya and Ipsa at recording for NPTEL course
Divya and Ipsa at recording for NPTEL course

A conversation with Divya Uma from the team is a part of an NPTEL course created by the team.

One of the authors of the book writes about its features here


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