I am a scientist turned illustrator. I create joyous and beautiful things that tell stories of science. My work aims to inspire inquiry among the audience. I believe in empowering the audience with questions than with answers.

I make zines, books, images, storyboards, and stories. Sometimes, I write, and often, I share what I know. I believe that collaborations are the core of great work.

What and why?

Robert Krulwich once said in a conversation that science, if shared joyously, will be heard. Ipsawonders is my attempt at it.

Trained in sciences, I look for the literal and the absolute. Interested in arts, I look for the abstract. In my experiments, I play with a contrast of the abstract and the absolute.  The balance between the two shifts across my work.

Contact, collaborate, and support

Get in touch at [email protected] for more.

Purchase some of my work here.





Workshop and teaching

If you want a sci-art course or workshop at school or college, hit me up.

If you are a scientific research institute and would like to hear about graphical abstract design or science visualization, get in touch.

Science Communication

Storytelling science for scientists and citizen audience. I love making zines, videos, illustrated stories, and other visual media for sharing science with various publics.

If you need creative outreach content, get in touch.


Arting science

If you are a scientist or science communicator open to interesting experiments and ideas, get in touch.

I want to explore, with collaborators, how drawing can serve the process and purpose of science.



Pearl D' Souza

I am an aspiring science communicator / Illustrator, currently based in the UK. I believe science can be fun for everyone, even those who don’t share a deep passion for it. I have the privilege of joining IpsaWonders, to bring to you the science that we know and love, in a simplified form. I have a degree in Life Sciences from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and am currently studying illustration at Nottingham Trent University.
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Peek at work

Some of my work is here.