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While working in the lab one day, we once questioned as to how to explain cell to an audience that does not have specialized training in biology. That led to poring over school textbooks and looking up the definition that was forgotten. 

A definition like ‘The cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known organisms. A cell is the smallest unit of life. Cells are often called the “building blocks of life”. ‘ is barely sufficient to foster an imagination about an invisible entity. (Source: Wikipedia)

Discussion with the lab members and smart friends led to some clarity on some ideas about what makes a cell, – a cell. And how it is represented falls short on conveying simple ideas about the form and function of cells. 

I have been trying to draw cells, defining what a cell is, can be and can do.

I want to make readers wonder and comprehend on their own. The experiment has been to put across the ideas, that would challenge them, provoke them by asking questions and surprising them. 

And engaging them literally by asking them to draw, a cell (in one case). 

Identity of a cell
Form of a cell

From all the feedback I was surprised! I had clear intentions when I panned and drew the content for zines. But some readers could make inferences of their own, about the form-function relationships, about the arrangement of organelles. And logical ones! This has been a fruitful experience.

The two new zines are shared below.

These zines are available for purchase. You can now buy Ipsawonders stuff at

And considering that there are a lot of ideas that need to be shared, I am on way to create more zines around the theme.

 Thanks to all those who bought the zines and supported my work.

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  1. Cell itself is the first wonder of the world that manipulates or being manipulated all organisms shape, size, structure, function, action n reaction. Boleto play ground of/for all bio-games of body.

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